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Safety Management Insights

You Asked, We Answered: 3 New Safety Tools Created for Customers

Posted by Don Brown on Sep 4, 2014 8:30:00 AM


When a customer comes to us with a unique problem, we strive to respond with a customized solution. It’s one of the benefits of being a self-sufficient safety software company, and it’s what we do best. 

Our customers have requested several custom safety tools over the past year, and now we’re excited to make three of them available to everyone.

These tools will help safety and human resource managers to keep tabs on employee violations, equipment issues and even environmental compliance, a growing area for many companies. 

Our new offerings are add-on tools that are similar in price to many of the other individual tools we have available. 

Here’s a look at what they are and how they work. 

People Violations/Equipment and Gear Inventory Module

We built this tool for a company that has crews servicing high-voltage power lines during ice storms and other disasters. When you’re dealing with a 7,200-volt line, there are no second chances. That’s why the company requires frequent on-site audits, with repercussions for employees who violate safety regulations. 

BasicSafe’s People Violations Module allows employers to define categories of violations and related offenses, such as failing to wear a hard hat or follow proper procedures for managing hazardous energy. This tool can easily be linked to our other modules so that, in addition to noting violations within the violations module, employers can also record them while performing an audit or while filing an incident report. 

Violations can be summarized by employee, by supervisor and by department so they’re easy to search. All violations are kept secure and can only be accessed by approved administrators. 

The same module that records employee violations can also help you keep track of your equipment and gear, noting anything that’s damaged and allowing you to take immediate action. That’s because the module can be linked to our audit management and action management tools so employers can record something as soon as they see it and assign the appropriate person to replace or repair it. 

It’s one module with two important functions: Tracking employee violations, and tracking equipment and gear issues. 

We’ve already had several customers express interest in this, and we expect it to be a popular tool going forward. That’s because many companies are required to show they’re keeping a record of employee and equipment violations before they can even bid on a new contract.

Employee Dialogue Module

Daily interaction between supervisors and employees used to be something we took for granted, but as companies grow, it can become more difficult to manage. That’s why we created our Employee Dialogue module, which records one-on-one interaction between leaders and employees. It assigns managers to talk to a group of employees about specific topics, such as safe lifting or hearing protection. Managers can then record the conversations they have and note any comments. 

If an employee brings up something that requires action—such as noting a broken piece of equipment—the supervisor can immediately assign someone to resolve the issue. 

Then the leaders record in the system when they’ve completed the dialogue, and they can create actions associated with it. 

Scheduling Module

More and more companies are struggling to keep up with new environmental regulations, especially in the food processing industry. They’ve expressed their frustrations over scheduling the required environmental audits and managing the resulting compliance paperwork. One company in particular has 20 factories across the country, resulting in 3,000 environmental and sanitation tasks to be completed each year. 

We responded by creating this tool, which allows your company to schedule recurring deadlines for environmental compliance. You can create new categories and upload related documents, such as your air discharge permit or wastewater permit, and include instructions on how to perform each compliance task. 

When a task is completed, our system stores it for your records so you can see how the task was performed, who signed off on it and what permits were issued as a result. 

The best part, though, is that this tool isn’t only for environmental compliance. You can customize it to use it for just about anything, from managing projects to scheduling routine maintenance. 

Want to learn more about these new tools and others BasicSafe offers? Contact us today, and we’ll walk you through them. 

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