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Safety Management Insights

Why Your Safety Documents Need to Be Accessible

Posted by Don Brown on Sep 16, 2015 8:30:00 AM


With the constant connectivity of today’s world, both employees and management are expected to be more accessible. 

Fortunately for safety managers, staying connected to employees has never been easier.

The wealth of tech tools available to communicate with employees allows for real-time updates on progress and the ability to instantly relay important messages. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have contributed to this instant accessibility, redefining the boundaries of the traditional workplace. 

Despite this revolution, some companies are not taking full advantage of being accessible to their employees. In case your company has yet to take the plunge, here are a few reasons why your safety procedures should be accessible to those who need this information most.

Mobile Accessibility

Whether you’re traveling between job sites or visiting different areas of one facility, you probably can’t rely on constant access to a workstation. The same is true for the workers you oversee, most of whom can’t access safety policies and assignments throughout the day if they are out onsite. With a digital safety software solution that can be accessed anywhere, you and your workers can access the data you need – anywhere, any time.

Employee Ownership

Employees who have access to safety information are more likely to use it to protect themselves. BasicSafe allows companies to designate multiple users with varying levels of permissions so everyone can access important safety documents.


When your safety documents are at your fingertips, it's much easier for an inspector to view them anytime—even remotely.

By allowing an OSHA inspector to log into your safety software system, you're demonstrating transparency and making the visit go much more smoothly.

Staying Compliant

Efficient inspections, quick data entry and on-the-go access to policies and procedures ultimately make it easier for you to keep your company compliant with current and future OSHA guidelines. A strong platform that can be accessed by your employees helps you quickly and accurately generate the reports you need, assign corrective actions and continually improve safety among your workers.

BasicSafe offers a comprehensive safety software capable of managing all your important safety documents to reduce the risks of injuries. For more tips on safety management, download our guide, 9 Ways to Make Your Job As A Safety Manager Easier.

9 Ways to Make Your Job as a Safety Manager Easier