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Safety Management Insights

Why Workplace Clutter is a Hazard

Posted by Kevin Shoemaker on Dec 2, 2019 1:15:40 PM




Many people have clutter around their workplace because of all of the paperwork, documents, and other necessities. However, people don't realize the potential dangers that arise because of clutter. These different hazards can vary, but a workplace should be mindful of their existence. This article will address three different ways that workplace clutter can cause hazards for you and others.

Fire Hazards

While some may not expect this, too much clutter can increase the chances of a fire in the workplace. Having papers all over the desk gives the fire more fuel, increasing the odds of it spreading. If there's clutter near exits or hallways, this could create an obstruction during a fire, preventing people from escaping. Generally, workplaces need to keep exits and paths cleared for safety reasons. With this in mind, it's important to keep clutter down to avoid building up fuel for potential fires. You can also make sure that the floor remains clear to provide people with plenty of space to walk. This will keep people safe during emergency situations. It will also help the business to look cleaner and more professional.

Slipping Hazard

When a workplace has too much clutter, pieces of paper and other items can easily fall to the floor without notice. If it's a tile floor, then thin objects will make it easier for someone to slip or fall. Slipping and falling can be more dangerous than most people expect. The truth is, over 15 percent of all accidental deaths, the second leading cause of accidental deaths after car accidents, are from simple slips and falls. By having a regular workplace cleanup, you can help your business avoid this problem. Encourage people to pick up any objects they find on the ground to avoid slipping hazards. This will not only keep your workplace looking clean and presentable, but it will also avoid any potential issues for slipping hazards.

Stress and Anxiety Hazard

While clutter can create physical hazards, it can also create personal hazards and problems for the business. Having too much clutter can cause people to have increased levels of stress and anxiety. This will greatly affect the workflow, causing unnecessary obstacles. If you can't find a paper you need, this will cause increased stress and anxiety. Clutter can also cause a business to lose money. If you lose an important document in clutter, you may have to recreate it. This means that you'll need to use more time to recreate it, which wastes both your time and the company's money. Be mindful of clutter to avoid this problem and to keep things efficient within your work area.

While people understand why workplaces have clutter, that clutter can pose a hazard for other people. It's important to avoid too much clutter to limit any problems for others and yourself. Keep these things in mind and also encourage others to keep their space cleared. This will help your workplace to remain safe and effective. Keep these points in mind, and you'll maintain an excellent workspace while minimizing any unnecessary clutter.

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