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Safety Management Insights

What Sets BasicSafe Apart from Other Safety Management Software

Posted by Don Brown on Apr 16, 2018 8:45:00 AM

Between regulatory changes, organizational growth and ever-increasing pressure to reduce incident rates, safety managers certainly have their hands full. Fortunately, the last decade has seen a tremendous boom in the popularity of safety management software. There are plenty of solutions available that assist safety personnel in their day-to-day roles, from accident tracking to training to document management.

Not all safety solutions are equal, however. Some provide robust, seamless tool sets that help users cut costs and reduce incidents, while others lack the features necessary to make a real impact. In some cases, unintuitive interfaces and a lack of support end up creating even more work.


At BasicSafe, we strive to be different. We’ve created a comprehensive set of tools that address virtually every safety management need, and we’re continuously updating and adding to our suite’s functionality. Here are a few of the features that set BasicSafe apart from other safety management programs.

A Comprehensive Solution

The BasicSafe safety software suite is far and away the most comprehensive toolset on the market—a true one-stop shop for safety personnel. From our Incident Investigation and Reporting Module, to our Training Management Module, to our audit, safety data sheet and process safety management modules, we provide the tools necessary to track and update every aspect of your safety program.

What’s more, we’re always adding new modules and updating existing features to accommodate regulatory changes and emerging needs. By partnering with BasicSafe, you get a solution that meets all of your requirements—now and for years to come.

Fully Integrated Tool Set

With software, large tool sets often create extra work—but that’s not the case with BasicSafe. Our modules can be purchased piecemeal, but they’re fully integrated to allow for maximum efficiency as you add functionality. Each module is connected to a central hub, eliminating the need for repeat data entry, even when you add functionality to an existing solution. Due to the efficiency this setup allows, our customers report up to 90 percent time savings.

Ease of Use

Even if you’re a seasoned safety manager, adopting new software can be a hassle, and training new hires and existing personnel always takes time. To help clients hit the ground running, we’ve designed an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that allows you to quickly create, edit and upload the documents and settings you need.

To help your whole team get up to speed, we also allow for the creation of custom access and permissions settings. Team members can only access the settings relevant to their roles, keeping your organization lean and secure.

High Customer Retention

Our customers have proven time and again that BasicSafe is the most effective, adaptable safety management solution on the market. Even with a month-to-month, no-contracts payment model, we’ve enjoyed a sky-high customer retention rate since our 2007 launch.

An Engineer-Owned Company

At BasicSafe, we’re just as much safety engineers as we are software developers. Our executive team and management personnel have decades of combined safety management experience, and we’ve learned firsthand the importance of a solid safety program. We understand the complexities of today’s safety and compliance requirements, and we work diligently to create simple, easy-to-implement solutions to address them.

Best-in-class Customer Service

Our customers have described our service as “heroic.” When you partner with BasicSafe, you don’t just get a software partner—you get a partner genuinely interested in your bottom line and the safety of your employees. We understand how our solution affects your operating costs, your productivity and your workers’ well-being, and we’re always available to answer questions and make changes.

Tailored to Your Organization

OSHA paints with a broad brush, but every company has unique needs. One organization’s process for complying with a given regulation may be different from another’s, and their software solutions should accommodate those differences. With BasicSafe, you get a solution that’s tailored to your unique needs and that grows and evolves as you do.

Do you have a safety management software system in place? Find out the risks you could be running without one. Check out our free eBook today to learn how you can save money—and lives—with BasicSafe.

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