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Safety Management Insights

What is EHS software?

Posted by Doug Shoemaker on Dec 30, 2019 5:30:51 PM

What is EHS software?

Let’s start with EHS- EHS is the acronym used for Environmental, Health, and Safety and it typically refers to the tasks associated with compliance within those areas. Think OSHA, DOT, ISO, and other alphabet agencies that regulate your business.

EHS software is a set of tools built to help companies stay compliant with those regulations and simplify the tasks associated with doing so. Sometimes they also work in other areas of the business such as HR.

EHS software is very important in most industries as it gathers and leverages data to create more effective systems for organizations. This means less work, less incidents, less insurance, and more money added to the bottom line of these organizations.

So how can EHS software help your organization?

Here are some of the top ways we have found at BasicSafe-

The incident tracking capabilities of EHS software not only save you time by eliminating paperwork and streamlining first report and investigation processes, but they also provide fantastic analytics that you otherwise could not get without hours, or even days of work. This means you can save time up front and actually use all types of incident data to decrease your incident rates.

Training using spreadsheets is not only time consuming and outdated, but it also leaves a lot of room for human error. EHS software training tools allow you to automate the training process and provide real time reports on training data.

The auditing capabilities of EHS software can save organizations massive amounts of work hours. Being able to complete an audit on a phone or tablet in the field or on the work floor even without service means that you can prevent time loss from double entry, mitigate errors, and have real time trendable reports available based on your audit data. Of course, these tools also work for checklists, inspections, and more, making them one of the more diverse EHS software tools available.

Storing and managing SDS can be a daunting task, but even worse can be looking for them in an emergency situation. EHS software provides SDS management tools that simplify keeping them up to date and allow any employee to access them at any time.

If your company regularly deals with lockout tagout, JSA’s, and permits then EHS software can make your life much easier! Built in procedure creation tools, revision and audit tracking, and searchability all make these tools massive time savers and reduce the chances of error associated with the related tasks.

These are just some of the most common ways that EHS software is being used, however there are hundreds of other tasks that it can simplify for your company. If you still aren’t sure if EHS software is right for your company reach out to us by clicking the button below!

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