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Safety Management Insights

What’s New in BasicSafe’s Web-Based Safety Software

Posted by Don Brown on May 11, 2016 8:30:00 AM

safety_software_employee.jpgBasicSafe’s product offerings have evolved considerably since we created our first suite of web-based safety software in 2006. We began with a client who needed a one-stop shop for their safety needs—a more efficient, lower-cost alternative to purchasing multiple programs and hiring custom developers. From the plant floor to the back office, we set out to develop a system that would make every employee safer, healthier and more efficient on the job.

In the last nine years, we’ve continually updated and improved our initial system. The basic framework is the same—a comprehensive, software as a service (SaaS) safety suite—but various modules have been added and updated to meet the changing needs of our clients. Here are a few of the most important recent upgrades to our safety management software system.

Quiz Modules

Quizzes are critical for validating job safety analyses (JSAs) and training programs. However, different companies have different BasicSafe system configurations, and it made sense to create a separate quiz module to allow for maximum customizability. Now, every client can build their own quizzes, which the system automatically grades. Based on predetermined minimum scores and unacceptable answers, results will include feedback on how a training program needs to change.

Incident Reporting

Consistent, accurate incident reporting is crucial to compliance and to prevent future accidents and illnesses. One of BasicSafe’s first and most important features was and remains an incident reporting module, which automatically generates OSHA and state reports.

We’ve recently added options for creating custom incident investigations, including tabs for SCAT (Systematic Cause Analysis Technique), 5Y Root Cause Analysis and MEEE (Management, Employee, Equipment and Environment). Our growing, diverse client bases use different methods and techniques to determine the causes of incidents, and these options allow everyone to conduct their investigations in the ways that make sense for them.


Even as we’ve added modules and created more complex functionalities, we’ve kept the BasicSafe suite as simple as possible for every user. How? Our system is programmed with a rule that it won’t display options, buttons, tabs or modules without the appropriate data. For instance, certain statistical and graphical analysis tools won’t appear until you input the data they need to generate reports. That way, each user’s interface is only as complicated as it needs to be.

Seamless Changes

Because BasicSafe is an SaaS software suite, changes are seamless and automatic. Instead of updating local servers or installing new features at every workstation, users can instantly access new features and functions. If those updates don’t apply to their needs, and if they don’t have the data to support them, they may not know any changes were made at all.

Module Configurability

Safety is universally important, but the processes and procedures involved in keeping workers safe vary wildly from one industry to the next. For this reason, most companies have little use for rigid software with pre-programmed behaviors. The need for customization is also the reason why we continue to add new modules and update existing features. While a one-and-done, pre-programmed solution sounds nice, no viable safety system is truly plug and play. We know our clients will need to customize the system to fit the needs of their companies—and even their individual worksites—so our updates are modularly designed to help safety personnel create the solutions they need.

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