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Safety Management Insights

New PSM Software from BasicSafe: The 109 Form Module

Posted by Don Brown on Dec 18, 2017 8:00:00 AM

psm softwareMaintaining compliance with process safety management standards requires a strategic approach. Businesses not only need to be proactive in their communications and actions but they also have to accurately track information.

Thanks to PSM software, all of the important process safety management documents can be housed in one system and easily accessed as required.

But what if there was a way to customize forms to better meet your company’s needs? The new 109 Form Module allows you to do just that.

An Introduction to the 109 Form Module, a New PSM Software

In this new PSM software, your first step is to decide which forms to add to your database. This is a rather easy choice based on inspection requirements. Once this decision is made, you can enter your form type names into the system and start building each form from scratch.

One consideration is additional sections you’ll want to include with each form. Before you do, you’ll want to think about which sections are necessary to capture relevant information. For instance, under your Compressors form, you may want to include a section for Compressor Type.

Beneath this section, you have the option to include relevant questions. When asking about the type of compressor, you could opt to provide a list of multiple-choice options or a text box based on the format that best suits your needs.

The last section of the form, one that appears automatically, lists requirements and recommendations. Here, you’ll find any required actions to correct outages, optimize processes or offer recommendations. Once again, you have the opportunity to add further information to this list, such as whether the equipment is operating within its limits.

Why the New PSM Software Is Beneficial

What’s great about the new PSM software is that it gives companies the flexibility to build forms that align with their processes. By expanding sections and adding questions, they can go beyond what is required for compliance and include further details that are helpful to them in process safety management.

These forms not only make it easier to locate documents for compliance audits, but they also simplify the management and monitoring of operations. By compiling a list of sections and questions on the front end, you have a clear indication of what is needed in the recommendations and requirements section — a list that you can continue to tweak over time based on evolving needs.

When you invest in a safety management system, you invest in the health and safety of your employees. Download a free copy of our ebook, Why You’re at Risk Without a Safety Management System, to learn more.


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