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Safety Management Insights

3 Ways to Bring New Energy Your Safety Meetings

Posted by Don Brown on Dec 23, 2015 8:00:00 AM

safety-meetingSafety meetings are a great way to get your team together, discuss relevant safety issues and go over protocol for maneuvering in an unsafe situation. In fact, safety should be a regular conversation at your workplace. But how do you keep the same conversation from becoming stale?

OSHA requirements vary by state, so be sure to find out what is required for your company’s safety meeting frequency. Employee engagement is necessary for employees to retain information and understand new procedures. Luckily, there are ways to breathe new life into safety meetings and redesign the structure of the meeting in ways employees can appreciate and learn from.

Here are three ways to revitalize your safety meetings to help you increase employee participation and prevent potentially devastating incidents.

1. Get out of the office

When meetings are held in the same location, employees tend to put their minds on autopilot when the speakers begin talking. Change things up by moving the meeting to another location, maybe even out of the office and into the field. Take your department to a site that is common ground for everyone and have them participate in a demonstration. Engaging them in an activity will prevent their minds from wandering.

2. Organize a contest

Contests are great motivators for people to step up their game. Introduce a safety contest at your next meeting that will get people excited for the reward and will create a friendly competition. When employees know there is something at stake, they will work hard to come out on top. Just make sure the contest would not entice your employees to take shortcuts that would affect the quality of their work in an attempt to win. Let your team know up front that if this happens, it’s the end of the contest, and possible disciplinary action.

3. Bring in speakers

If you have the same speaker at every meeting, it is guaranteed to grow dull at some point. Bring in other reliable sources to speak to your team every now and then to spice things up and bring in new ideas. Invite your company’s CEO to come and spend some time with your team and get his or her take on the state of safety. Ask veterans in your industry to come and share their stories with your team, making the topics relevant to safety issues. Ask those who have faced serious safety hazards, or even become injured as a result of not following safety protocol, to share their experiences with the group as a cautionary tale. Bring in outside speakers such as OSHA representatives, safety professionals from other companies and industry experts to infuse your team with ideas and perspectives beyond your own company’s.

Regular safety meetings give you the chance to be creative and engage your team members. Decide which of these ideas, if any, are conducive to your team and line of work and plan your next meeting to be the most engaging to date.

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9 Ways to Make Your Job as a Safety Manager Easier