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Safety Management Insights

Introducing our New Scheduler Tool

Posted by Don Brown on Dec 10, 2014 9:30:00 AM

scheduler tool basic safeWith constantly changing federal, state and local regulations, keeping up with environmental compliance can become a serious headache – especially when you've got training, claims and other safety-related tasks to take care of. Fortunately for safety managers and other admins, we've just released a new Planner / Scheduler tool as part of our BasicSafe safety management software suite.  

The tool works in conjunction with our Action Management tool, issuing assignments to users whenever audits and other forms are about to be due. Users can create as many scheduler types as they need to suit different categories of tasks and forms, and items created within those schedulers can be combined with instructions for the employees or teams completing the tasks.  

Once each action is completed, its complete history is cataloged in the BasicSafe records, including all comments, files and procedures generated by safety managers and assignees. The tool's calendar can also display an entire month's or year's assignments and due dates, and it indicates the completion status of each item.  

Here are three ways your company can use the Planner/Scheduler tool:  

  • Achieve buy-in among employees. It's hard enough for safety managers to keep up with environmental compliance, but it can be even tougher to get staff to take it seriously. With the ability to provide crystal-clear instructions on the procedure – and necessity – of each compliance-related task, the scheduler helps to put you and your employees on the same page.
  • Digitize paper-based records. You may have multiple employees spending large amounts of valuable time manually recording compliance data and filling out paper-based forms. Moving compliance-related records, forms and task schedules over to a digital format automates a great deal of the process and frees up time for non-repetitive tasks.
  • Keep up with deadlines. Depending on your industry, your company may be required to perform weekly or even daily actions to remain compliant with environmental regulations. It may seem next to impossible to keep up with deadlines when using a paper-based system, but our digital compliance software makes it quick and easy to create and follow schedules.

This versatile tool isn't just for environmental compliance, either. With the capability to create any number of task types and action items, it can be used to manage just about any kind of recurring activities like general compliance schedules, Food Industry sanitation schedules, general repetitive maintenance schedules, as well as projects and many other activities. To learn more about how our new Planner / Scheduler software works, take a tour of the tool today.

Planner-scheduler tool