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Safety Management Insights

How to Manage Safety Actions Like a Pro

Posted by Don Brown on Aug 4, 2015 12:12:55 PM

manage_safety_actions_pro_action_managementIt’s easy enough to tell one person to do one task and follow up with that employee later. But what do you do when you have hundreds or even thousands of safety-related tasks to distribute among hundreds of workers? How do you keep track of who’s done what – and when – and follow up to make sure every job gets completed before its deadline? 

Different sets and subsets of tasks may have different timelines, urgencies and degrees of skill involved, and you’ve got to track all of these variables to keep operations running smoothly and safely at your company.

Done by hand, task management can seem impossible, particularly when you’re implementing new safety policies or carrying out company-wide training exercises. With the BasicSafe Action Management tool, however, keeping track of complicated sets of tasks and assignees is quick and easy. 

Here are four ways the tool empowers safety managers and saves time.

Task Assignment

You can give each task a name and select a variety of criteria from customizable drop-down menus. Assign each task to an employee, and add additional instructions in comment boxes. You can also include image files and web addresses to provide any additional materials necessary for instructing assignees.

For actions that apply to more than one employee or job site, the BasicSafe Mass Action tool allows you select multiple people or job descriptions within the same task file. For example, you might issue an assignment to all HR managers at job sites in a specific region, or to every department head of a specific department at each site.

Employee Alerts

With the Action Management tool, you won’t need to worry about employees missing out on assignments. Each time you create and assign a task, the program automatically sends emails to all relevant employees. You can even set the software to send notifications to supervisors who can ensure the assignees complete their tasks on time.

Aside from email notifications, the BasicSafe One Stop Shop header also allows employees to view lists of old, new and incomplete tasks. Users can easily see how many outstanding actions they have and prioritize them according to their deadlines and time requirements. Likewise, managers can view outstanding tasks for all employees and narrow their lists with customizable filters.

Automatic Documentation

The BasicSafe software suite doesn’t just make it easier to create and track assignments; it automatically documents the process from creation to completion. Auditors may need to know when certain safety policies were put into place, as well as the steps you and other safety personnel took to ensure their implementation. With automatic, accurate documentation, you won’t need to worry whether you’ve provided sufficient proof of your work.


From action categories to search criteria to filters, every aspect of the Action Management tool is customizable. There are certainly similarities in safety management from one company to the next, but you’ll need a program that specifically suits your industry, workforce and changing plans and goals.

BasicSafe’s integrated safety software allows you to easily keep track of safety actions and access other relevant documents at the same time. For a few tips on becoming more efficient, check out our free resource, 9 Ways to Make Your Job As A Safety Manager Easier.

9 Ways to Make Your Job as a Safety Manager Easier