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Safety Management Insights

Five Easy Ways to Increase your Company’s EHS Compliance

Posted by Doug Shoemaker on Mar 5, 2020 11:59:40 AM

Safety FirstFinding efficient and effective ways to stay compliant with Environmental, Health and Safety
(EHS) compliance regulations can feel like a full-time job in itself, as any EHS coordinator or
manager already knows. Keeping up with changing rules, regulations, and reporting procedures necessary to keep your employees safe and stay compliant is daunting to say the least. That’s why it’s so important to prioritize your EHS Compliance Initiatives.

So what are some smart, effective things that you can do to increase your EHS Compliance, that aren’t costly, cumbersome or gimmicky?

1. Get Everybody’s Buy-In on EHS Compliance.
Getting everyone on board with EHS compliance is perhaps the single most important
thing you can do as an EHS manager or coordinator. When everyone knows what EHS
compliance is, and how the rules and regulations protect them on the job, they are far
more likely to get on board, and work with you towards increasing compliance not only
on paper, but on the floor or jobsite as well.

2. Walk the Walk, and Talk the Talk when it comes to EHS Compliance.
That means creating a culture that doesn’t just tolerate EHS Compliance rules and
regulations, but values and respects them, day in and day out. You set the tone, and after
you get buy-in, the rest will follow. If you treat EHS compliance like a nuisance, so will
everyone else. Instead, create a culture of safety that values everybody’s right to work in
an environment that’s free of hazards.

3. Recognize your EHS Safety Leaders.
Have an employee or team that’s really taking EHS Compliance seriously? Taking the
time to acknowledge and reward teams and team members who are taking safety and
compliance seriously will pay off big in the long-term, because you are fostering
leadership skills and that positive EHS Compliance Culture simultaneously. Even
something as simple as mention can go a long way towards encouraging your team to put
health and safety compliance first.

4. Provide Regularly Occurring, Timely and Topical EHS Compliance Training and
The rules and regulations are always updating, and your team should be too. Employees
know when you’re investing in them, and you will reap the rewards of this investment to
the tune of lower turnover, higher retention, lower accident rates, and more. This is one
area where collaborating with those who specialize in training and compliance can pay
off in terms of time, efficiency, effectiveness, AND money.

5. Measure what you Treasure.
If EHS Compliance is important to you, you’re going to want to be able to measure how
well you are performing, across the board. Want to understand the impact that your
initiatives are having, or need to know if a key metric has moved? Performing an EHS
Compliance Audit at regular intervals will provide you with the key insights you need to
make any needed changes, or keep moving down the successful road.

There you have it, Five Easy Ways to Increase your EHS Compliance. Have questions or want to learn more about how you can move on the needle on EHS compliance within your
organization? BasicSafe can help! Click the button below.

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