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Safety Management Insights

Do Cellphones Belong in the Workplace?

Posted by Doug Shoemaker on Aug 28, 2019 5:38:21 PM


My answer is yes!

But for specific reasons.

Phones allow for faster and easier communication between employees and management through calls and texting. If a quick decision needs to be made on the job and that decision requires approval it is much faster for an employee to call the approver than for them to reach them any other way.


Phones also help increase productivity for specific tasks. Take audits, inspections, and checklists for example.

Finding the document, writing on a clipboard, entering your findings into a spreadsheet (or filing it), and then finding the completed document later can be very time consuming.

Mobile audit tools allow all of these things to be done in a fraction of the time!


Phones make documentation easier.

Although the built-in cameras and the ability to record can be a double edged sword they can be a lifesaver for documenting things like signed papers and unsafe conditions. The important thing here is having a good safety culture so that your employees bring the issues to you rather than posting them online.

Phones allow for digital sign off.

Tracking paper training documents can be just as frustrating (if not more so) than tracking down old inspections. Mobile training tools and electronic signature gathering can save hours of data entry and paperwork meaning that your training is more accurately tracked and your employees have more time to focus on productive tasks.

Consider these things before introducing phones into your working environment-

Who would be allowed to use them, and for what purpose?

When would it be appropriate to use them?

What is your current culture like?

What checks and balances can you put in place to make sure productivity increases rather than decreasing?

These things differ from company to company!

What are your thoughts on phones in the workplace?!

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