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Safety Management Insights

BasicSafe Adds Safety Alert to Incident Reporting System

Posted by Don Brown on Sep 18, 2013 10:09:00 AM

basicsafe safety alert  

BasicSafe introduces new Safety Alert feature to the Incident Reporting and Investigation tool. A safety alert can now be issued for any incident you choose within your site. Once you have completed the basic reporting requirements, just click the safety alert button. This will open a partially completed form that you can then populate to create your safety alert.  Corporate Administrators can even change the description of some of the fields on alert to reflect your company’s specific terminology.

You can upload up to four images to page two with captions to provide additional detail to the safety alert. When you are done populating your safety alert, just save it and print it to PDF. You can then post it or email it to key personnel to notify them of the occurrence.

Here is some of the feedback we have received from BasicSafe users about this feature:

"Awesome! I like this tool already."

"We typically send emails to communicate Safety Alerts throughout the company. This great new BasicSafe feature will allow us not only to share, but to properly record, the Safety Alert messages. Thanks very much, as always, for the continuous improvements to BasicSafe!"

"Very slick"

"Very nice new feature!"

Thanks the the Timber Products Company for the help in creating and funding this new feature.

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