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Safety Management Insights

College Uses BasicSafe to Educate Students

Posted by Kevin Shoemaker on Jun 27, 2013 9:00:00 AM

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If you attend the Ontario, Oregon’s Treasure Valley Community College on any given Friday, you would find Kevin Shoemaker teaching the Industrial Safety Class for the Spring Term of 2013. The class is composed of 15 students seeking to obtain associates degrees in technical fields from the college. 

Kevin is using a state of the art tool to give students hand-on experience in building, classifying, analyzing specific safety elements. Employers identified safety as one of the skills needing improvement at the educational levels and this class is focused on improving these skills. The students will be finding SDS sheets and placing them into an electronic safety management system (for chemicals they are using in their other classes), they will be building Lockout/Tagout procedures (for equipment they are using in their classes), they will be building Job Hazard Analysis procedures (for tasks they are going to perform in their classrooms). Due to his industrial contacts in the local manufacturer’s, Kevin is also having speakers address the students with specific topics like Confined Space permits, Hot Work Permits, etc…  Many of these speakers are also using  BASICSAFE software as one of their company safety management system tools.

We are raising the level of safety awareness amongst the entire set of students taking this class. We want them to understand why they need a safe work environment, why employer’s are making safety such a high priority, how OSHA can work with them, and how they are going to be able to walk into an interview with an understanding of safety and it’s application in our day to day lives and our work. This level of understanding would not be possible without the use of the step by step guidance of the BASICSAFE tools.  Student will leave the class with certifications as a fork truck driver, in Lockout/Tagout, SDS, and several other elements of workplace safety. 

Maybe BasicSafe could be used in your curriculum to help students learn to build safety procedures, perform audits, report incidents, and many other safety related activities they will need in their career. Contact us to see if we can work with you to develop a plan that might assist with your students development.

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