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Comprehensive Accident Investigation Template

Posted by Doug Shoemaker on Oct 18, 2019 3:29:02 PM


Find your template in the next couple paragraphs but continue reading for tips to get the best results, and technology that streamlines and simplifies the reporting and investigation process.

If an incident occurs at your company it is critical to understand what exactly happened, what caused the incident, and what steps need to be put in place to make sure it does not occur again.

We took the time to put together a paper investigation you can use today here.

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Learn more about how to write your own accident investigation.

A good accident investigation report should focus on unbiased details about the incident that took place. Here are some steps to consider while putting together a report-

  • Don't record opinions but instead gather factual evidence.
  • A picture speaks a thousand words- include images in the report.
  • Record-
    • When it took place.
    • Who was involved (including statements).
    • Where did it happen.
    • A detailed description of what happened.
    • Why does it appear to have happened.
    • What are the costs and consequences of the accident.

The above information is all very valuable but it is really only the first step. The most important piece of gathering this data is turning it into measurable, meaningful, and useful information.

You can learn how to prevent accidents by trending-

  • Body parts affected (better PPE, more training)
  • Who was involved (better training, hiring/firing practices)
  • Why did it happen (better controls, new policies)
  • Highest cost and consequences (where to focus safety efforts)
You could spend hours, days, or even weeks manually gathering all of your incidents into excel to see trends or you can use a comprehensive incident investigation software that reduces the amount of time to complete an investigation, report on it, and complete trending by 90%. In fact the trending only takes one click. 
Incident Investigation Software

The BasicSafe incident investigation software is based on structured investigation process best practices. Tools within BasicSafe allow the capturing of details all the details discussed so far and much more.

The unique build of BasicSafe allows you to integrate your entire EHS program together into a one stop shop of resources, reports, and trends for everything from incidents and actions, to training and lockout tagouts. You are given a comprehensive view of your organization and can then make informed decisions and save time and resources while doing it.

Some of the benefits of the BasicSafe EHS management software are-

  • Up to 90% less time investigating, reporting, and trending.
  • Simple, easy to use workflows and follow up (this keeps everyone accountable).
  • On average 500% less incidents.
  • Minimum 4:1 ROI for safety investment (which means more money to make your organization even more safe!)
  • Higher OSHA compliance level.
  • ADDED BONUS- You become a safety rockstar (unfortunately this rarely means you get paid to go on tour).

To learn how BasicSafe can help you today click the link below for a free demo of the software!

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