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Safety Management Insights

New BasicSafe MSDS enhancements introduced to customers

Posted by Don Brown on Dec 5, 2012 2:48:00 PM

basicsafe msds enhancements

In November 2012 BasicSafe introduced new MSDS tool enhancements to all current BasicSafe customers. These new features allow the custom creation of new data fields and searches by BasicSafe users. These new features also allow corporate administrators at BasicSafe user companies to load MSDS metadata and files into the system, and then using a newly designed scope tool, they can direct that information to show up at all sites or just selected sites within their company.

Development work on these new MSDS features were funded by current BasicSafe customers and then made available to all BasicSafe customers through the online cloud service provided by BasicSafe. BasicSafe continues to use this approach to develop and provide the best solutions and most up to date software to all BasicSafe user companies.

To download details about these recent MSDS tool changes, click the MSDS icon at the top of this page.

Take note.......that organizations with less than 25 employees can create their own safety site for storage of MSDS documents and maintain them with online access available to all their employees for about ten dollars a month once the onetime set up fee is paid.

When you are ready to make a change - contact us at BasicSafe.


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