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Safety Management Insights

Training Management - The Hidden Costs

Posted by Kevin Shoemaker on Apr 2, 2012 4:35:00 PM

Remember to include the planning and costs associated with training as you consider implementation of an automatic safety management program. Interview and check with users of the programs you are planning to use and find what happened during their implementation.

You want to look for key phrases like – so simple we didn’t even get training - OR - so simple we just started using it without any training 

Although these statements can be true for computer savvy safety professionals, many times facilities don’t have such expertise or technology experience to recognize program characteristics that will hinder the implementation process or long term use of the products. What you really need to know is, if it isn’t easy, people won’t use it, or they will resent having to use it.

As you evaluate true training costs, ask yourself what are the time commitments for each of the following:

Learning the system – preliminary training?

Loading information into the system – does it take an engineer or an IT professional to understand the use the program?

Configuring and creating links within the system – advanced training?

Do you need to use common skills like point and click similar to navigating a web-site or is the system more complex?

            Travel costs associated with bringing in trainers or going to the training?

            Wages associated with people attending training?

            Direct costs for training materials or instructors?

            Costs for retraining due to complexity of the system?

            What is the recommended amount of training for sustainability?

What level of computer skills are required long term to actually run the system and receive benefit?

Does the system create extra work to meet compliance requirements?

Does the system create extra work due to complexity of daily management?

Does the system allow multiple user access and delegation of tasks or limited user accessibility?

Does the licensing allow anyone to run the system or are trained people limited in their accessibility?

BasicSafe Training Management tools allow you to build your own training modules, upload training materials, link training materials from other BasicSafe modules you are using, link employee groups or individuals to training modules, and tracks all your training records for quick retreival. Contact us for more detail when you want to take a look at BasicSafe Integrated Safety Software.

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