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Safety Management Insights

Win The War Against Workplace Injuries with BasicSafe

Posted by Don Brown on Feb 20, 2012 2:14:00 PM

Don’t lose the war against workplace injuries because you spend all your time counting casualties.

In any war, casualties are important. It is important to understand the causes of casualties to determine whether or not there are countermeasures that would alleviate the severity of injuries or eliminate them altogether. But, make no mistake, the injury has now occurred and cannot be eliminated.

With regard to workplace injuries, once the injury occurs: there is a sequence of events initiated that takes control out of the hands of people directly involved in an operation or organization. Medical, legal, governmental, or other organizations may now become involved in the incident that has occurred. The results of activities by these organizations are not always controllable or predictable as it relates to cost, schedule or other impacts these activities have on an organization. Logical outcomes are not always a result of these outside activities caused by a workplace injury.

The only way to avoid these unpredictable outcomes is to keep the injuries from happening. This is done through regular and frequent setting of clear expectations for all employees, aggressive and frequent training, providing safe equipment, providing safety equipment, and providing easily accessible safety information to all employees.

Make sure you don’t spend all your time counting casualties and managing injury claims. Spend your time measuring how many people are properly trained, how many times people are behaving properly with respect to safety, how many people have reviewed their job specific JSAs/JHAs, and whether or not your safety procedures and systems are audited and up to date. Also, make sure your safety information is readily and easily available to everyone in your operation.

When you need integrated tools to help you establish a safety information system in your operations, contact us at BasicSafe.

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