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Safety Management Insights

State Agencies Choose BasicSafe

Posted by Doug Shoemaker on Jun 28, 2019 12:40:18 PM

If you work for a State Agency looking for better or easier ways to manage environmental, health, and/or safety (EHS) - look no further! 

The problem that most organizations have is that even when they have great people and an awesome EHS program, they still are relying on old methods. Not having a single location to access all your information, build reports, and complete tasks like actions and training can lead to a huge time loss and can become frustrating and difficult.

Your organization needs a single place to manage these items, and you may feel like you could use a virtual assistant to stay on top of them all.

BasicSafe should be the perfect fit! It was designed specifically to create a "One Stop Shop" for all of your EHS needs. With an extensive library of modules created to be simple and user friendly, and tools made just to assist in the day to day, monthly, and yearly tasks associated with staying EHS management.

BasicSafe was originally created for manufacturing organizations, but over the years we have grown to be the most versatile option available for any organization. This is because our goal has been to make EHS easy and accessible, and we've always believed that can benefit any organization. The proof came in 2011 when the State of Colorado Office of Risk Management started talking to BasicSafe.

After many phone calls, demos, and emails they chose to pick BasicSafe as their EHS management solution provider. They chose to take all of the 9 tools we built specific for OSHA related tasks! It was an exciting day at BasicSafe and we began working right away to get them set up.

During the process we learned a lot about how government organizations work. It changed how we saw some of our own tools and we learned a lot about our own company in the process!

Since that time State Agencies in both Oregon and Idaho have chosen BasicSafe to help them stay on top of their EHS needs. We have helped save time with everything from SDS management and mobile audits to incident investigations. We have even lowered incidents (and headaches) in these organizations.

We believe we can help you and your organization too!

Contact us now and we can show you exactly how BasicSafe can make your life easier!

(Updated from a previous post made in 2011 for accuracy)