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Safety Management Insights

BasicSafe’s Award-Winning Clients

Posted by Kevin Shoemaker on Jan 2, 2017 8:30:00 AM

human-hands-clapping.jpgWe at BasicSafe pride ourselves on our ability to help companies across the country maintain safety policies and procedures to keep their work environments safe. It is an honor to help our clients with their safety and compliance efforts.

And we love it when our clients achieve success — particularly when it comes to their safety efforts. We’d like to recognize some of our clients that recently won safety-related awards at the Southern Oregon Safety and Health Conference (SOSHC) by the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), and congratulate them on their achievement toward a safer work environment.

Boise Cascade

The wood manufacturer has been a BasicSafe client since 2015. They use various BasicSafe tools at each site based on that site’s specific needs. This year, they won the following awards at the SOSHC:

Safety Committee Recognition, Engineered Wood Products Division Best of the Best Safety Committee

A special congratulations to John White, the Boise Cascade Regional Manager who won the Business Leader Who Gets It Award, and Mike Daniels who won the Lifesaving Award by saving a choking victim. Your dedication to safety and ability to help others is an amazing achievement and we couldn’t be prouder of you.

Swanson Group

The forest products company has been using BasicSafe for five years. They use several components of our safety software suite, including the training management system. This helps them track employee forklift training to stay on top of the latest trends and credentials. Our lockout tagout software helps the company maintain digital records of their color-coded and number lockout tagout program and enforces a buddy system, where employees are required to review procedures for using unfamiliar equipment and complete hands-on training under supervision. Swanson Group also uses our auditing tool and incident investigation and reporting tool to keep their audits up to date and track incidents and near-misses.

Swanson Group won the following awards at this year’s SOSHC:

Safety Committee Recognition for:

  • Administration
  • Forestry
  • Glendale Plywood
  • Glendale Sawmill
  • Glendale Veneer
  • Roseburg Sawmill

Outstanding Safety and Health Program — large employer, Glendale Plywood

We commend you for your advancements in safety initiatives and look forward to continuing our partnership and helping you keep your employees safe.

Timber Products

Timber Products uses several of our safety modules, including our scheduling module, safety training management module, safety data sheets software and JSA software. They have been a client since 2011. Their ability to easily locate safety items in our software modules has increased their company’s efficiency and make the steps toward a safer work environment much simpler and organized.

At the 2016 SOSHC, Timber Products received awards in the following categories:

Safety Committee Recognition for:

  • Grants Pass Plywood
  • Medford Hardwood
  • Particleboard Division
  • Spectrum Division

Outstanding Safety and Health Program — small employer, Spectrum Division

We are pleased to see you’ve achieved recognition for your safety efforts and are proud to be a part of your safety initiatives to keep people safe each day.

Staying safe merits recognition, and we like to give credit where it is due. We congratulate our wonderful clients for their abilities and everyday efforts to use the tools they need to maintain safety, efficiency and compliance.

Want to know how our safety modules can help your company achieve the same results? Schedule a demo today.