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Safety Management Insights

Introducing the BasicSafe Violations Module

Posted by Don Brown on Jan 23, 2017 8:30:00 AM

You track all of your employees’ work-related accidents and illnesses, but are you also violations module.jpgrecording their rules violations, resultant damages and corrective actions? Not every unsafe behavior leads to an accident, but consistent violations records are crucial for OSHA compliance, as auditors always want to make sure you’re doing everything in your power to provide a safe work environment. Tracking both safe and unsafe behaviors also allows you to provide more effective safety training and work instructions.

Recording and tracking all of these data points can be an administrative nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be. To make matters easier for you and your team, BasicSafe now offers a Violations Module. This module allows you to record not just safety violations, but positive and negative behaviors, their consequences and follow-up actions. Here’s a brief overview of the Violations Module’s most important features and benefits.

Customizable Categories and Descriptions

Designed for flexibility, the Violations Module allows you to customize your record categories and descriptions, keeping your interface clean and avoiding unnecessary entry choices. Using your company’s own jargon, you can make the program intuitive enough for your staff to use with minimal instruction.

Customization also allows you to recognize as many safe and unsafe behaviors as you like. As helpful as incident tracking can be for improving safety outcomes, it’s just as important to recognize, reward and reinforce positive behaviors.

User-Friendly Sorting

With many electronic systems, you spend just as much time finding your records as you do creating them. Fortunately, the Violations Module allows you to save time by sorting according by supervisors, departments, individual employees and many other filters. Select an individual or group to see all of the records that pertain to them, or sort by specific behavior types and date ranges.

Audit Tool Integration

The BasicSafe Violations and Audit modules work synergistically, allowing users to document a variety of behaviors in real-time as they conduct internal audits. Selecting the documentation tool during an audit brings up a window with forms for employee, behavior, verification date, comments and more. Once completed, that entry becomes a part of that employee’s record, and it will appear in sorted data within the Violations Module.

Detailed User Access Control

Setting up permissions within the BasicSafe suite is simple, and program administrators can easily change the degree to which users can access and edit data within the Violations Module. If you need more fine-tuned access, administrators can also separate permissions by group, site, department and individual employee.

Metrics and Performance Monitoring

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Because you create your own categories and descriptions in the Violations Module, you can track any metric that’s relevant to your employees’ safety and performance. Sort and trend according to specific behaviors and target groups, and identify both your biggest wins and most important areas for improvement.

Compliance and Liability Protection

In any heavily regulated industry, documentation of your accidents, violations and responses is critical to your success. Not only will the BasicSafe Violations Module help you stay compliant with OSHA’s record-keeping requirements, it can help protect you against fraud and other illegal actions following incidents.

Improved Safety

Simply tracking certain metrics (such as rules violations) does little to improve safety performance. When you monitor a variety of safe and unsafe behaviors, however, you can pinpoint the most prevalent hazards within your organization and around your worksites. You might be surprised at what you find! Ultimately, a more detailed view of your employees’ behaviors will allow for process validation, improved training results and better work instruction development.

For details on our Violations Module, contact us today.

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