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Safety Management Insights

Introducing the BasicSafe Quiz Module

Posted by Don Brown on Feb 20, 2017 8:30:00 AM

BasicSafe Quiz Module.jpgBasicSafe has developed a new module, now available with the rest of our safety software suite. We previously offered one training validation method; we now proudly introduce a new one.

Our current safety training management software enables employers to monitor the progress of each employee’s training efforts, and alerts employees of upcoming or overdue training requirements. This method lets administrators log in to the system, select the employees and document that those employees successfully completed the training requirements.

Now, with the new BasicSafe quiz module, administrators can build quizzes and link them to the appropriate training modules. Employees can open these links and take these quizzes. Once successfully completed, they can “self-validate.”

Questions can be true/false or multiple choice format and are randomized each time the quiz is taken. Employers can set the passing percentage to determine successful completion. The module allows employers to build additional questions and select how many questions are included each time.

Check out our new module and all of its functionalities, including how to build a quiz, how to take one and how to view and record results. Next, continue the conversation by contacting us today.

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