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Safety Management Insights

New BasicSafe Home Page Video

Posted by Don Brown on Sep 13, 2016 10:00:00 AM

basicsafe-homepage-video.jpgHave you clicked on the “Watch How it Works” button on our new home page? We’ve created a brand new video to explain the basics of BasicSafe, a comprehensive safety software suite for safety managers, HR managers, supervisors and the many others involved in keeping workers safe.

At BasicSafe, we love penguins, so we added some character to the video with a “Happy Feet”-esque cast and theme. These safety personnel work at Emperor’s Krill factory, and they all use the software to ensure their fellow penguins make it home in one piece every day!

Just who is the BasicSafe suite intended for? Everyone involved in workplace safety!

  • Safety Managers. Track incidents and create safer policies.
  • HR Managers. Track policies, procedures and employee training.
  • OSHA Inspectors. Use BasicSafe to automatically fill in OSHA forms with collected data.
  • Plant Supervisors. Manage safety data sheets and lockout-tagout procedures.
  • IT Managers. Seamlessly integrate BasicSafe with existing systems and train new users.

Why a Safety Suite?

Large companies can—and often do—use a variety of different software systems for different departments. However, disparate programs are expensive, inefficient and, when they’re created by different vendors, often incompatible.

BasicSafe provides a more efficient alternative, a one-stop shop for managing all of a company’s complex safety processes. With our secure, web-based suite, you can:

  • Upload existing safety documents
  • Create new documents
  • Grant permissions
  • View dashboard-level data
  • Prepare for OSHA audits
  • Save paper
  • Track hazards, incidents and training

What’s more, our intuitive interface allows all stakeholders to use the system without turning to support staff for help. From safety managers to IT personnel to even your C-suite executives, everyone at your company can streamline their workflows and create safer environments for your workers.

Want to take a closer look at BasicSafe? Meet Gloria, Scooter, Sam and the rest of the cast who will show you how BasicSafe can take your company to the next level. Watch our video today!


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