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Safety Management Insights

Doug Shoemaker

How Do You Report A Near Miss?

Posted by Doug Shoemaker on Mar 12, 2020 6:10:37 PM

A near-miss can feel a little hard to pin down. When it comes documenting and reporting one, how exactly does one go about recording something that didn’t happen?

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Five Easy Ways to Increase your Company’s EHS Compliance

Posted by Doug Shoemaker on Mar 5, 2020 11:59:40 AM

Finding efficient and effective ways to stay compliant with Environmental, Health and Safety
(EHS) compliance regulations can feel like a full-time job in itself, as any EHS coordinator or
manager already knows. Keeping up with changing rules, regulations, and reporting procedures necessary to keep your employees safe and stay compliant is daunting to say the least. That’s why it’s so important to prioritize your EHS Compliance Initiatives.

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What is EHS Compliance?

Posted by Doug Shoemaker on Feb 27, 2020 11:42:42 AM

Let’s face it; most business owners didn’t create their company or hire their first employee with EHS Compliance on their mind. In fact, many probably didn’t know what EHS Compliance was, until someone or something else abruptly brought it to their attention! But regardless of one’s intentions, EHS Compliance is very important not only to business owners and managers, but their employees, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies too.

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The Top 5 Safety KPI's You Should Be Tracking

Posted by Doug Shoemaker on Feb 18, 2020 2:07:04 PM

The focus of this article will mainly be leading indicators as KPI's. A lot of companies track lagging indicators, which are still good, but the leading indicators will actually help you to prevent the expenditure of money rather than just mitigating it.

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Who Should Lead Your EHS Program

Posted by Doug Shoemaker on Jan 20, 2020 1:27:48 PM

When you think of your company’s EHS program does a single name, title, or department come to mind? If so, it may be time to reevaluate how your organization handles EHS!

Confining EHS to one person, or office, in your organization does not allow you to have a flourishing safety culture and may actually be hurting your company.

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What is EHS software?

Posted by Doug Shoemaker on Dec 30, 2019 5:30:51 PM

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Different Types of Fires and How to Fight Them

Posted by Doug Shoemaker on Dec 12, 2019 10:44:22 AM

There is no doubt that accidental fires are dangerous and need to be put out immediately. However, not all of them can be extinguished the same way. Depending on the fuel of the fire, it can be classified into one of five categories. The category indicates the type of extinguisher that's effective against that specific fire type. Once you learn about all the fire types and how to put them out, you will be able to act faster in case of an emergency.

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10 Ways to Make Your Safety Training More Engaging

Posted by Doug Shoemaker on Dec 9, 2019 8:45:00 AM

Let’s be honest: Most workers don’t exactly see safety training as the most fun part of their jobs. They may understand its importance — particularly if they’ve faced hazards themselves — but it’s rare for an EHS professional to speak to a room full of fired-up, enthusiastic trainees.

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How to Take Proper Precautions Around Chemicals in the Workplace

Posted by Doug Shoemaker on Dec 1, 2019 2:27:13 PM


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5 Tips to Influence Your Safety Culture

Posted by Doug Shoemaker on Nov 12, 2019 2:09:14 PM

Influencing safety culture can be time consuming and difficult, but a good safety culture is worth it!

In this blog I give a few tips you can start using to influence your safety culture for the better.

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