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Safety Management Insights

Client Satisfaction: The Amalgamated Sugar company

Posted by Don Brown on Oct 18, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Doc_Safety.jpgFor over five years, The Amalgamated Sugar Company (TASCO) has used BasicSafe’s safety software suite to boost efficiency, keep workers safe and comply with OSHA requirements. “I use the software probably three or four times per week,” says Bill Enderson, Colorado Quality Technician. “There were even times when I was spending 40 or 50 hours a week on it.”

The company primarily uses BasicSafe as a document control system, but given the diverse array of documents they generate, this use still requires several of the suite’s modules. Enderson uses the Training Management Module to keep workers up to speed on safety policies and procedures; the Audit Management Module to keep up with all of the documentation OSHA requires; and the Process Safety Management Module to stay compliant with OSHA’s 14 elements of PSM.

Enderson also uses the SDS Management Module to keep all of the company’s materials safety data documents in a single, easy-to-access repository. “It’s really handy because all I have to do is train the staff how to use the software,” he says. “If they ever have a question on the chemicals they’re using, they can just look it up themselves.”

With BasicSafe in place, TASCO has also been able to eliminate paper documents. From their main facility to their five satellite locations, they keep all of their files in the software’s electronic database. No matter where an employee or administrator is working on a given day, they can access the safety sheets, training records and other related documents they need. “It’s great for document control, and it makes audits much easier,” says Enderson.

Finally, BasicSafe’s document review and editing features have made it far easier for TASCO employees to keep files up to date. “Our guys never have to worry whether a document they’re looking at is the current version,” says Enderson. “It’s pretty easy for anybody that’s minimally computer savvy to use the system.”

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