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Safety Management Insights

5 Reasons Successful Business Owners Have EHS Management Software

Posted by Doug Shoemaker on Nov 8, 2019 3:42:44 PM

businessmanphoneIf you are a business owner looking for ways to take your organization to the next level then don’t sleep on EHS management software.

Below are 5 reasons that successful business owners are using EHS management software to level up.

1. EHS management software improves hiring and firing practices.

The built-in data trending and analytics from the software will highlight problem employees as well as exceptional workers. This data can be leveraged by your company to decrease employee turnover costs as well as improve the metrics used in the hiring process.

2. Software simplifies HR practices.

The right EHS management software will include ways to track and simplify all employee training as well as the employee on-boarding process. This allows organizations to throw out outdated file and spreadsheet methods used to manage employees and gives them an easily accessible way to quickly search company records all in one place.

This isn’t always an HR function, but EHS management tools also provide built in methods for follow up on tasks and assignments. This provides a nice paper trail for management and it increases employee accountability without any extra work.

3. EHS management software slashes safety expenses.

Simplifying manual tasks such as reporting, data entry, and analytics to simple button clicks can save EHS teams up to 90% of their time (arguably one of the larger portions of the day time is spent on). 

For example, Basicsafe was able to take a reporting process that was costing Simplot several weeks of man hours to complete and turn it into just a few clicks. In fact, the process was reduced enough that anyone (with the right credentials) in the organization could complete it in a manner of seconds.

This massive time savings means companies can focus on preventative and cost saving measures. For the business owner this means you can save yourself from having to hire more people to manage your EHS program.

4. EHS management software lowers insurance rates.

Most insurance agencies have the ability to give a discount to companies simply because they have an EHS management software (Not all do so be sure you check with yours). Beyond that, companies using EHS management software that tracks leading indicators can expect to lower incident rates by around 50%- long term this means your insurance costs should go down. (This is also great news for organizations trying to get into captive or self-insurance programs).

Ore-Ida Foods was able to save $600 per employee per year in insurance costs by implementing BasicSafe.

5. High return on investment

When EHS management systems were evaluated by OSHA they were found to have a 4:1 ROI at minimum for any company. This pales in comparison to the fact that BasicSafe was found by several 3rd party evaluation to have up to a 60:1 ROI for manufacturers. In fact, the paper savings alone come in around $16 per employee per year according to Goodwin Co.

Learn more in this e-book about how to leverage EHS management software in your organization.

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