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Safety Management Insights

4 Ways to Be A Better Environmental Compliance Manager

Posted by Don Brown on Nov 5, 2014 8:30:00 AM

compliance_managerIn many ways, managing environmental compliance is like trying to hit a moving target—and working under the gun to do it. Regulations are constantly changing, but the deadlines are unforgiving. 

If you feel like you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of falling behind, it’s time to get ahead. Here are four ways to manage environmental compliance more efficiently. 

Build It Into Your Key Performance Indicators

If you want your staff to make environmental compliance a priority, they need to see you take it seriously. Training your employees to meet regulations is a good start, but it isn’t enough. Make it clear to your supervisors that part of their evaluation will be based on how well they follow those regulations. 

Take time to assess your company’s performance in this area, and make a point of bringing it up during meetings. If your leadership team hasn’t made it a priority in the past, remind them one serious violation can set your company back millions of dollars. 

Digitize Records

Depending on the size of your company and the extent of environmental regulations that impact you, you could have one or more employees who spend a significant portion of their time manually entering information or filling out forms. That’s time that could be spent on other tasks that directly impact your sales. 

By storing these records in an environmental health and safety software system, you can easily upload existing documents and create new ones. You can access them when you need them, saving time and money. 

Schedule It

More and more companies are struggling to keep up with growing environmental regulations that require daily or weekly actions, especially in the food processing industry. BasicSafe responded to this need by creating a new scheduling tool, which allows your company to schedule recurring deadlines for environmental compliance. You can create new categories and upload related documents, such as air discharge or wastewater permits, and include instructions for your staff on how to complete them. 

When a task is completed, our system stores it for your records so you can see how the task was performed, who signed off on it and what permits were issued as a result.  The best part, though, is this tool isn’t only for environmental compliance. You can customize it to use it for just about anything, from managing projects to scheduling routine maintenance. 

Audit It

If you’re serious about complying with regulations, you need to put your company to the test. You need to complete audits anyway, so you might as well make them a useful tool for your team instead of viewing them as one more thing to check off the list. 

Our audit management software allows you to build your own audits of any type, including environmental compliance. Include routine checks of permit paperwork, chemical safety and any other area you’ve identified as a priority. You can conduct corporate audits across the company to find out how each location is performing in these areas.  

An EHS software that’s integrated with your other safety management systems, such as lockout/tagout and safety data sheets, makes environmental compliance paperwork much easier to manage. With less manual work to do, you’ll be able to use these compliance procedures to improve your company’s overall processes rather than seeing them as a regulatory burden.

Want to know more about how BasicSafe can make you a better environmental compliance manager? Take a tour of our scheduler tool.

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