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Safety Management Insights

4 Tips for Training Temporary Workers About Safety

Posted by Don Brown on Aug 26, 2014 8:30:00 AM

training_temporary_workers_safetyBetween vacation time, summer shutdowns and increased workloads, you’re probably relying more on temporary workers than at any other time of year. 

It may not always be ideal, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. 

Even if your regular crews are well-trained and up to speed on your company's safety policies, the new workers may be accustomed to more lax enforcement. You might not have time to train them from the beginning, but you’ll need to make sure they're familiar with your company's policies and the dangers of the specifics jobs they take on.

Here are some tips for effectively and efficiently training temporary workers.

Conduct Company and Site-Specific Training

Many accidents involving temporary workers occur not because of careless or reckless behavior, but because those workers received inadequate training from their employers. 

Additional training may seem like an unnecessary expense for experienced workers, but every company – and every job site – has unique rules and hazards. Previous employers may not have conducted adequate training for these workers either, so it's unsafe to assume that veterans are aware of standard policies, procedures and regulations.

To make sure your temporary workers are aware of both standard safety policies and the hazards of their job sites, you'll need to conduct your own safety training. These sessions should cover:

  • Instructions in multiple languages for multilingual workforces
  • Chemical and materials safety
  • Emergency procedures
  • Operating procedures for equipment and instructions on lockouts and tagouts

Track Your Training

Tracking your temporary employees' training will help ensure they've all attended the sessions they need for the sites where they’ll be working. Tracking also aids in audits and inspections, since training documentation is usually one of the first thing inspectors and insurance agents ask for when they visit a site.These records should include:

  • Dates of training
  • Employees who conducted each training session
  • Descriptions of and reasons for each training session
  • Regulations met with any given session
  • Proof of employees’ competencies, including tests and skills demonstrations

You should be able to sort these records according to individual employees, job sites and training sessions for easy access. BasicSafe’s training management software allows you to sort and manage these records and link them to other programs, including auditing software and action management software

Use Frequent Reminders About PPE

One of the most common safety pitfalls for temporary workers is forgetting to wear  personal protective equipment or wearing faulty equipment. Their own equipment may not meet your company's standards, or it may be compromised by years of wear and tear. That’s why it’s best to be cautious and provide them with equipment you've checked out yourself.

The same is true for the warning signs around your job sites. Your regular workers may be familiar enough with the hazards of each site, but signs are crucial for those just getting started. These warnings include:

  • Emergency stops
  • Machine guarding
  • Smoking, operating equipment without safety gear and other prohibited behaviors

Use a Training Management Software

Carrying out all of these safety measures becomes far easier when you use software to manage your training. BasicSafe’s training management software allows you to: 

  • Create custom training sessions and upload or link to training materials
  • Document each worker's training and issue orders for new sessions and re-training
  • Grant access to team trainers and other employees important to the training process
  • Set filters to restrict access to certain training materials and records

To learn more about the BasicSafe Training Management software, watch our demo video.

 Training Management Video