Administrative Access

Typically, administrative access is provided after a demonstration by a Basicsafe representative.  These demonstrations can be done through:

  1. a web presentation where we drive from our end
  2. by providing you access to an actual test site and we both drive from each end while we discuss by phone
  3. we can come to your site and do a mixture of both

Once a demonstration has been provided, we can provide you administrative access to a test site where you can navigate through pre-existing data, or we can provide you access to a private demo site where you can experience the features of the system utilizing our own data.

After experiencing the affordability, simplicity, ease of use, and flexibility of the Basicsafe tools, many customers choose to begin a 30, 60, or 90 day real trial of these tools to verify performance with real data in a real work environment.  If everything works as expected, they then have a jump on the development of their Basicsafe site.

Schedule an Administrative Demo and Access